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David Watts
Client Management

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RM Regulatory Services was formed to act as a provider of regulatory services to funds and investment firms.

RM Regulatory Services will act either as an UK AIFM to private funds or firms with a focus on private equity & property, or as an Appointed Representative Principal to firms which wish to carry out regulated activities using the Appointed Representative framework in the UK.

RM Capital is the FCA-regulated, Edinburgh-based firm within which RM Regulatory Services sits, and is part of the RM group which includes RM Funds, which is a specialist asset manager with a focus on real assets and alternative investments.

RM has the regulatory permission to act as a small authorised UK AIFM. This allows us to act as AIFM for funds subject to certain limits.

RM can also act as ‘Appointed Representative Principal’ to firms which are unregulated and unauthorised by the FCA but wish to carry out certain regulated activities. RM can provide these services whether independently of its small authorised UK AIFM role, or together with it.